What are the categories of women's wigs?

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Women's wigs can be classified according to material, color, length and style.

What are the categories of women's wigs?

1. There are many kinds of wigs on the market, which can be simply divided into pure human wigs and artificial fiber wigs.

2. Classified by use, such as life wigs. Drama wigs, teaching aids wigs, model wigs, decorative wigs, etc.

3. Color division is also a common method, such as black wig, red wig, golden wig, light brown wig, silver gray wig, linen wig, light brown wig, etc.

4. According to the length of the wig, it can be divided into long hair type, short hair type, half cut type and shawl type.

5. According to the style of wig, it can be divided into straight hair type, curly hair type, wave type, bundle hair type, braid type, etc.

6. With the progress of science and technology, wigs are made from fully hand woven to semi woven, fully woven and computer woven, with more and more patterns. People have more wig varieties to choose from.

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